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Marigold pigment (lutein, zeaxanthin)
Antioxidant effect in the eye, inhibition of passage of blue light, inhibition of age-related macular degeneration and cataract progression

Milt Argos bilberry (Vaccinium uligosum)
Improvement of eye strain、Alleviation of glaucoma, improvement of pupil adjustment ability

Vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene)
Antioxidant action to protect against cell damage, enhanced nourishment to the eyes by improving blood flow, andEye Protection
Supplementation of retinol, a component of rhodopsin (improves visibility), protection of the cornea and mucous membranes of the eye, andImprovement of dry eyes

Cassis extract, Chinese black currant extract
Improvement of visual acuity (improvement of ocular fatigue), improvement of blood flow, improvement of ocular fatigue, prevention of senile cataracts, etc.Improvement of blurred visionRelief of eye pain, improvement of keratitis

Minerals (zinc-containing yeast and copper-containing yeast)
Improvement and prevention of dry eyeImprovement and prevention of cataract, improvement and prevention of optic neuritis, prevention of macular degeneration

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