Milt Argos bilberry (Vaccinium uligosum)

Approximately twice as absorbent

Difference in absorption with normal bilberry extract
(in vitro Measurement of small intestinal cell passage after population gastric juice digestion)

The absorption rate of Mirto Argos Bilberry compared to standard bilberry extract.
Absorption rate of "196were obtained.

Bioavailability of Milt Argos Bilberry

Clinical trials of "regular bilberry extract" and "Mirto Argos bilberry" have shown that anthocyanin glycosides, which are the most abundant anthocyanin glycosides, are the most abundant in the world.
The "Milt Argos Bilberry" bioavailability isIncreased by approx. 190
What is BioAverity?
It is a constant that expresses the rate at which a drug taken reaches the systemic circulation. If the drug is administered intravenously, its bioavailability is 100%.
When administered orally, its bioavailability is reduced due to inadequate absorption and first-pass effects before it reaches the systemic circulation.

Mirto Argos Bilberry Features

Supplementation of Mirtoargos bilberry with high anthocyanin utilization capacity

(1) Improvement of eye strain
A 12-eye, placebo-controlled crossover study with VDT workload contrasted the antioxidant parameters of tear fluid in the ingestion groups. Both 8-OHdG and PRL measurements in the Mirto Argos Bilberry intake group showed significant inhibition of oxidation compared to tear fluid collected from the placebo group.

The results of the study showed a significant reduction in intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients with abnormal intraocular pressure (n=6 (ages 32-81)). The dose-dependent effect and increased local blood flow were observed in the treated group, suggesting that oral administration of Mirto Argos reduces intraocular pressure via increased blood flow.

The results of a three-rod test of ciliary fatigue 30 minutes after taking Mirto Argos Bilberry showed a clear improvement in 31 out of 38 patients. This improves ciliary fatigue and the ability to focus.