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OTAKU Eye supplement

Bilberry extract and lutein, which is found in the macula of the eye, are used to support the ability to see.
This supplement supplements zeaxanthin, which is abundant in its central fossa.
In addition, the product also contains β-carotene, various beauty vitamins, and minerals, along with black currant extract, Japanese snowbell extract, and DHA, which are considered to be good for eye health, in addition to its ingredient supply. It is expected to comprehensively maintain eye functions.

OTAKU Eye Supplement Contains Many Noteworthy Ingredients

*Contains a rich blend of eye-healthy ingredients centered on highly absorbable bilberry and marigold pigment rich in useful ingredients
*It contains a complex combination of ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that support the maintenance and improvement of eye function.
Supports the function of lutein, zeaxanthin, and anthocyanins on the eyes.

Content of each raw material

Name of raw material 1 capsule Daily dose (in 2 capsules)
Bilberry Extract (Mirto Argos Bilberry) Double absorption 75mg 150mg
Marigold pigment (Lutein 20%, Zeaxanthin 4%) 25mg 50mg (Lutein: 10mg, Zeaxanthin: 2mg)
β-carotene (30%) 3.34 mg 6.68 mg
Vitamin C 20mg 40mg
Vitamin E (67% alpha-tocopherol) 7.47 mg 14.94mg (alpha tocopherol: 10mg)
Zinc-containing yeast 10% 20mg 40 mg (4 mg zinc)
Copper-containing yeast 5% 1mg 2mg (0.1mg copper)
Megus sylvestris 5mg 10mg
Cassis 10mg 20mg
Purified fish oil containing DHA 52.79mg 105.58 mg

An overwhelming amount of concentrated useful ingredients


At a daily dose (2 capsules)
At a daily dosage (2 capsules)
(Equivalent to 660 g broccoli, about 2 plants)
Zeaxanthin 2mg
(equivalent to 4,650 g broccoli, about 12 plants)
Bilberry 150mg
(equivalent to 300 mg of regular bilberry, about 250 tablets)
can be ingested.