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OTAKU Propolis candy

Propolis and Q10 maintain barrier power and keep the body from losing its edge.

Propolis works well for those who tend to get sick due to lifestyle, irregular lifestyle, and seasonal changes, as it is rich in amino acids and minerals.

Q10 also prevents oxidative damage and supports an energetic lifestyle.


Substance produced by the sage bee from tree buds, sap, bark, and pollen.
Also called "bee pollen," its main ingredient is a resin with the consistency of pine needles, which the bees apply to the crevices of the hive to protect it from bacteria and viruses.
The "resins" and "shoots" used as raw materials for propolis contain components with excellent antibacterial properties.
Propolis also contains high levels of cinnamic acid derivatives, which
It has been used for wounds and infections.
Recent studies have shown that there are other
Anti-aging,anti- forgetfulness, and normalization of blood sugar levels.
The results were known to show the effect on

It's not just propolis.

Contains many ingredients that are good for the body

(Propolis is listed above)


aCoenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, is aVitamins biosynthesized in the liver
Biosynthesized coenzyme Q10 is found in the body's cells, especially in the heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas.
The main function of ATP (energy source) is to break down sugar in the mitochondria inside the cell.
It is an essential coenzyme that acts as one of the coenzymes that produce
However, it decreases with age and is also reduced by daily stress, illness, strenuous exercise, picky eating, and alcohol consumption.
Supplementation with depleted coenzyme Q10 increases ATP production and improves myocardial motion.
It also improves various diseases caused by reactive oxygen species.
congestive heart failureangina pectorisischemic heart diseasecerebral hemorrhagearteriosclerosis,high blood pressureetc.)


Pollen coagulated by enzymes secreted by honeybees.
This pollen isGreat beauty and health benefitsTypical benefits includeImprovement of anemiaThere is a relief from fatigue and
Other relief of allergy symptomsRelief of menopauseIt is also known to do


royal jelly (beekeeping, apiculture)

After the pollen and honey eaten by the worker bees is digested and broken down in the body, the
It is a milky, strongly acidic substance secreted from the hypopharyngeal and mandibular lines.
It is the food of the queen bee and larvae up to 3 days old.
Its royal jelly containsIt contains more than 40 different nutrients, including amino acids, proteins, and vitamins.
Because of its abundance of nutrients
Aging Prevention」「Blood pressure adjustment」「Women's disease improvement effect」 「Prevention of skin dryness and blemishes
Many functions have been confirmed, including the following
Furthermore, the decenoic acid in its composition is
It has strong antibacterial activity and is sometimes referred to as a natural antibiotic.

OTAKU Propolis candy

The most common way to take propolis is through "supplements," but
This is a "candy" version, so there is no need to prepare water or other beverages.
In addition, each OTAKU Propolis Candy is individually packed.
No need to carry too much weight when you go out, etc.
It is designed to be easy to carry.
Please share with your family and friends.